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HSBC money laundering scandal implicates President Biden, Friedrich Merz - and the German judiciary

A money laundering scheme operated over a period of years, in which at least s 200 million US dollars were moved via the major bank HSBC with the help of the German branch in Düsseldorf, weighs heavily on the incumbent US President Joe Biden: Already during his time as Vice President Barack Obama, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ignored leaked data from whistleblowers from Germany and Romania. Particularly piquant: During the time in question, Friedrich Merz (CDU) was active on the supervisory board of HSBC Düsseldorf. HSBC Düsseldorf issued an authoritative document necessary for the operation of money laundering, which is available to Disparum21.

Informed were both the U.S. government through the then U.S. Embassy in Berlin, as well as the then U.S. New York Attorney General Cyrus Vance. The data, more than 2000 pages of original material, were also available to the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) J36 Trans National Threat Division (J36 TNT) - all US agencies failed to put an end to the activities of those behind the money flows via HSBC and several front companies.

US and British citizens were involved in the money laundering scandal.

The German judiciary also did not investigate the leaked information. Documents available to Disparum21 show that the Düsseldorf public prosecutor's office did not investigate HSBC any more than its US counterpart in New York.

Also inactive, according to information obtained by Disparum21, was the German BaFin, which at the time did not consider itself responsible for prosecuting the events, even though HSBC Düsseldorf played an important role in the international money laundering scheme.


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