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Credit Suisse Worry Barometer 2022

Credit Suisse has announced the release of its latest Worry Barometer 2022, a polling of Swiss voters on worries, confidence, and identity.

According to the results the environment emerged as the number-one concern for the Swiss population in 2022, although in percentage terms this was unchanged from last year.

The runners up are AHV/retirement provision and energy issues, in second and third place respectively, with the pandemic dropping off the list of the ten most important concerns in the country. While the war in Ukraine takes the 8th place in the top ten list, it also leaves a mark on the Swiss society too and is causing the Optimism for the future in the country to decline significantly.

On behalf of Credit Suisse, research institute gfs.bern surveyed Swiss voters once again this year about their worries and the country’s identifying characteristics.

At 39%, environmental pollution (environmental protection, climate change, environmental disasters) is Switzerland’s new number-one concern (respondents were each asked to name their five top concerns). This figure is the same as last year; however, the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic – which easily topped the list in both 2020 (51%) and 2021 (40%) – is now regarded as an everyday problem at 13%, means that the environment has moved up to the number-one spot. The topic of AHV/retirement provision lies in second place at 37%.


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