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Nanomaterials in Biomedical Applications

The “Nanomaterials in biomedical applications” conference hosted by Manipal Academy of Higher Education, an Institute of Eminence declared by the Government of India together with Nature Research is a first of its kind in India. This international scientific conference will bring together the researchers across the globe working in the field of nanotechnology. This scientific fest will cover different areas where nanoparticles have found application such as theranostics, bio-imaging, drug delivery, nanovaccines, and immunotherapy. The conference aims at highlighting recent advances as well as unpublished research in the above areas and encouraging discussion amongst scientists in a stimulating environment. The conference program consists of outstanding speakers who have enabled the translational application of nanomaterials in the last decade and will last for two days. There will also be vibrant poster sessions and networking opportunities at the end of each day.

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