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Coming Soon: 96th SIBS Congress in Italy

The 96th National Congress will be held in L’Aquila, from 25 to 28 April 2024, at the Palazzo dell’Emiciclo, headquarters of the Regional Council of the Abruzzo Region (in via Michele Iacobucci, 4), as approved by our Board of Directors.

The location of the Palazzo dell’Emiciclo is central and strategic, reachable on foot from hotels, B&Bs, and holiday homes in the center. The main monuments and places of interest in L’Aquila are in fact all located in the historic center.

The official language of the congress will, as always, be Italian. The scheduled sessions will be in sequence to allow everyone to follow the scientific works. There will be masterly readings with prestigious speakers. If the contributions received do not allow everyone to have space for oral communication, one or more video poster sessions will also be organized.

The scientific sessions, for which you are invited to send your contributions to, will deal with the following topics:

  1. Aging.

  2. Environment and health.

  3. Aquatic environments.

  4. Anthropology.

  5. Applied biochemistry.

  6. Biodiversity and modeling.

  7. Urban biodiversity and climate change.

  8. Biology of reproduction and infertility.

  9. Structural biology.

  10. Plant biology.

  11. Biomedical and pharmaceutical biotechnology.

  12. Artificial intelligence applied to biomedicine.

  13. Precision medicine.

  14. Regenerative medicine.

  15. Micro- and nanovesicles in biomedicine.

  16. Advanced microscopy and imaging.

  17. Morphology.

  18. Neuroscience.

  19. Nutrition and food supplements.

  20. Oncology.

  21. Cellular stress.

Based on the number of contributions received, some themes may be merged with others and renamed.

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