ZEITGEIST91 NFT Collection exceeds volume of 1 billion US dollars

The NFT collection ZEITGEIST91 with so far 105 pictures from the first decade of the German reunification has meanwhile reached a volume of more than one billion USD. The pictures, taken by bestselling authors Marita Vollborn and Vlad Georgescu, were taken in the period 1991 - 1996 on the territory of the former GDR and the new German states, respectively. The NFTs cost 5000 Ether (ETH) each and thus about 10 million EUR.

By setting the extremely high price, one wants to show that money alone is not everything. Since presumably not even financial heavyweights like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk would be able to acquire the entire collection at this point in time, the total volume embodies an important insight: money alone is not able to completely rule the world after all.

ZEITGEIST91 at OpenSea ™ therefore sees itself as a cultural-political critique addressed to a society that, in the past 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany and the subsequent run on billions, has distanced itself from actual humanistic values.

The pictures are freely viewable at ZEITGEIST91.

They visualize the prevailing spirit at that time - a mix of spirit of departure, resignation and protest.

The time at that time could be transferred however atmospherically partially also to 2021, it says in addition with ZEITGEIST91.

All pictures are protected by copyright and have never been published elsewhere except at ZEITGEIST 91.

More about Marita Vollborn and Vlad Georgescu and their project ZEITGEIST91 at OpenSea ™ here.

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