TexTeam - Digital Activis NFT Art

We are bestselling authors, publishers and artists. The books we wrote are sleeping in the US Library of Congress - but no change to better occured within society. We therefore think our NFT-Activis-Art can be a tool to get attention for society related issues we need to improve.

Saving these images and videos as NFT is important so that later generations can remember the truth unaltered.

By purchasing these NFT artworks digitally stored on the blockchain, buyers not only secure the digital works themselves - but also a piece of the Zeitgeist. We appreciate fairness and transparency, so here is our website where you will find out more about us.


You may also read our daily newsmagazine Disparum21 https://www.disparum21.com

Last but not least, more info about Maritas very own and special NFT art work beyond writing can be found on her webzine Sense and Sherds