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Are environmental toxins putting future generations at risk?

The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, demonstrates a link between long-term exposure to DDT and changes in the sperm epigenome. These changes, particularly in genes vital for fertility, embryo development, neurodevelopment, and hormone regulation, correspond to increased rates of birth defects and diseases, including neurodevelopmental and metabolic disorders.

Lismer, A., Shao, X., Dumargne, M. C., Lafleur, C., Lambrot, R., Chan, D., … & Kimmins, S. (2024). The association between long-term DDT or DDE exposures and an altered sperm epigenome—a cross-sectional study of Greenlandic Inuit and South African VhaVenda men. Environmental Health Perspectives, 132(1), 017008. 09.02.2024 McGill University

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