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ADLM 2024: The Disruptive Technology Award

2024 marks the 7th year of the Disruptive Technology Award Competition. ADLM’s Disruptive Technology Award Competition (DTAC) aims to evaluate and elevate companies developing new diagnostic tools and technologies that have the potential to improve patient care. Apply for the chance to present your cutting-edge technology at ADLM 2024 (formerly the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo) – the premier international forum for unveiling groundbreaking advances in laboratory medicine.

About ADLM 2024

ADLM 2024 (formerly the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo) has a rich 75-year history as the premier destination to discover the latest innovations in laboratory medicine and meet the ever-evolving needs of the laboratory medicine profession. This year’s conference is July 28 – August 1, in Chicago, IL, USA. At ADLM 2024, immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions, learn about the latest ground-breaking research, discover a wide array of companies at the Expo, and more.

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